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Alliance Pharmacy - pharmacist-led customer engagement



About ‘Alliance Pharmacy’

‘Alliance Pharmacy’ is an identity Pharmacy Alliance has developed to connect the Pharmacy Alliance member network to consumers across Australia, whilst retaining their own independent pharmacy name or brand ie. a co-brand. 

Using Alliance Pharmacy as an identity allows marketing platforms such as catalogue, social media, loyalty and advertising to be more effective in attracting new customers and retaining new customers to your pharmacy.  However, we recognise that not all pharmacies and communities are alike and as such our leading dispensary, merchandising, professional services, local marketing and technology solutions can help you tailor your products and services to your local community and allow you to communicate this within your pharmacy and to those that live around your pharmacy.

Our vision: Making life better every day for everybody

As independent pharmacists’ across Australia we believe that our role is to provide solutions for an individual’s health goals or health issues. 

Our goal through Alliance Pharmacy is to ensure our customers have the best quality of life at every stage of their life.  Our commitment to our customers is that they can count on us from the start of their life to the later years of their, through tough health times and support them to maintain their health even when they are feeling great.

The true value of what our pharmacies provide to their customers is through the conversations they have with them around their health every day.

Our difference: pharmacist-led, smarter retailing

Our independent pharmacist’ values centre on the pride in their profession and we want to make sure that this drives how we differentiate our members to customers in a period of industry change and an increasingly competitive market.

As such the customer experience with our pharmacies co-branded with Alliance Pharmacy will be pharmacist-led first but supported by smarter retailing strategies.

The Alliance Pharmacy customer experience aspiration:

Our products

At the heart of what we do is the dispensary and the medication we dispense, as such the focus is to provide customers with other products to support their health.


Our services

Our services complement the core of what we do, which is the dispensary.  We pride ourselves on the service we provide at the dispensary but we extend our services to support chronic illness with Diabetes Care Programs and Sleep Apnoea clinics.

Our people

We are proud of our highly trained and qualified people in our pharmacies.  They genuinely care about the people that live in the community their pharmacy serves.


Great Value

Our focus is always our customers’ health first. We deliver value through the conversations our pharmacy teams have with their customers.  Each pharmacy team member knowledge and skills to provide tailored health solutions.

Our pharmacies

We take pride in our pharmacies that are designed to be welcoming, comfortable and easy to navigate so that our customers are able to find what they need quickly and easily.


We want health is top of mind for our customers.  We will capture your attention by being straightforward and honest.  We will be serious when we need to be, light-hearted when it’s appropriate and sometimes use laughter as the best medicine. Understanding health is often difficult enough so we will always use simple but informative language.


Contact us to find out more

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