We’re committed to creating healthier communities and our future pharmacists are central to making this happen.

About InternLab

Creating leaders in local community and the pharmacy industry.

InternLab has been developed by our experienced pharmacists to help you accelerate the growth of real-world pharmacist skills beyond clinical knowledge.

While supporting you to pass your important registration exams, the program is designed to build on your strengths, skills and personality, enabling you to grow personally and professionally.

InternLab incorporates the following elements:

Monthly online webinar sessions revising therapeutics topics. Extra study resources and one-on-one oral practice exam with an experienced Pharmacist.

Network and meet the other health professionals in your area, while gaining campaign skills around a health promotion.

Learn about indigenous culture traditional to the area you are practicing in, and how you can support indigenous patients as a health professional and community member.

Helping you understand how to provide pharmacist services like medschecks, dose administration aids, leave certificates, health checks, and other emerging services.

Our business specialists are your one-on-one learning opportunity. All aspects of business management and pharmacy ownership are up for learning.

Talking with people – both patients and staff – can sometimes be challenging. But we can learn how to handle these challenging situations better. We can also learn about what drives us personally and professionally, and how this shapes our management style and leadership roles.

We know your intern year can be hard work, and we’ll be celebrating the efforts of our upcoming leaders.

Intern Culture & Support

Our pharmacies reflect the diversity that exists across Australian communities, and we love that our pharmacists are innovative with their practice to suit local needs.

We encourage collaboration across the group in a spirit of cooperation and growth. With our national InternLab program, and your unique strengths and abilities, the patients and communities we serve benefit from your successful development as a health professional and leader.