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Managing pain while dispensing.
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Managing pain while dispensing.

While you are assisting customers in managing their pain, it is important that you listen to what your own body may need as well. That’s why you should take time throughout the work day to do small things to help ease any symptoms you might have.

Depending on the type of pain, taking breaks from dispensing and pacing yourself throughout the day ensures you’re not aggravating the issue. It’s also important to be realistic about what you can and can’t do, mobility-wise, and communicate with your team about tasks that you can’t take part in.


If the pain continues or worsens, make a doctor’s appointment or receive treatment as soon as you can. By getting the right treatment early on , the issue won’t need more urgent attention later on.


It’s easy to keep your focus on the customer and putting your needs aside. By striving to put yourself first, you can ensure you are able to continue serving others as best as you can.


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