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The Future Of Retail Training Is Here
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The Future Of Retail Training Is Here

Our very own Pharmacy Alliance Training Hub app has arrived to support Pharmacy Assistants. It will change the way you think about training, letting your staff build the relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in their roles.


This exciting new Training Hub is a highly engaging, mobile, micro-learning platform designed to facilitate up-skilling and knowledge retention. The app is designed to engage your staff with short and fun training modules based off our Retail Calendar. These modules will boost customer service, assist floor set up and increase basket size with companion product knowledge.


The training modules are developed inline with the monthly retail activity, and provide:

  • Expert training to drive results for your pharmacy
  • Improved knowledge retention for pharmacy staff by up to 50%
  • Reward-based incentives to motivate staff
  • Training to meet QCPP requirements
  • Low monthly fee for high quality, accessible training